Resetting the GFCI’s button

GFCI’s are typically located:

  • Two in the Kitchen (remember to look behind appliances)
  • One for all the Bathrooms, (so if one trips in the Powder Room, the Master or Main Bathroom outlets won’t work either)
  • Whirlpool
  • One for the Exterior Outlets (same as Bathrooms, typically one GFCI protects all exterior outlets)
  • One for the Garage Outlets (same as Bathrooms, typically one GFCI protects all Garage outlets)
  • Sometimes the Exterior and Garage are all on one GFCI.  Again, remember to look behind things. Sporting Equipment, Planters, Chairs, Shelving Units
  • One near the Electric Panel or in a Utility Room



Check the adjoining rooms to make sure they don’t need to be reset.

  • Check the breaker
  • Flip the breaker all the way off and then flip back on
  • To find out which breaker goes in which room, test your outlet
  • Plug in and turn on a radio in the outlet you are testing. Flip on the different breakers – by doing this you will be able to hear if the music is playing. This will save you time from running back and forth to check the outlet.



When replacing a light fixture and the new fixture has a smaller base.

Install a paintable medallion (they usually cost under $10.00).  Saves you money, (no paying for dry wall repairs or repainting  your ceiling).
Remember to buy the proper wattage when you are replacing light bulbs.  Using a higher wattage bulb than recommended could cause a fire.

When you replace your fixture with a LED fixture, don’t forget to replace your dimmer with an LED compatible dimmer.

Other Helpful Hints

What type of ceiling fan should I buy?

Ceiling Fans can help maximize energy efficiency and lower your cooling and heating expenses  year round.

In the summer, counter clockwise speeds create a cooler environment and in the winter clockwise speeds recirculates warm air, eliminating cold spots and drafts.


30” Ceiling Fans 42” – 44” Ceiling Fans 52”- Larger Ceiling Fans

For Rooms up to 8’x10’

Small bedrooms

Laundry rooms

Smaller kitchens

For rooms up to 12’x12’

Medium bedrooms

Medium  kitchens

Small recreation rooms

For rooms up to 18’x20’

Large bedrooms

Family and great rooms

Dining rooms

What it is the best option to mount ceiling fans?

Low Ceiling 9’ or Higher and Sloped  Ceilings Standard 8’ Ceiling

Use hugger style or combo mount style with or without down rod.

Use extended down rod. Use combo mount style or with or without down rod.


high-sloped-ceiling standard-8-ceilingfan