Residential Electric Service





Maybe you’re updating the home you’ve lived in for years, you’ve just purchased one that needs to be pulled from the depths of décor that died decades ago or it’s time to expand, electrical is an essential part of a remodel or addition. Beautiful carpentry is brought to life with the right lighting and electrical accessories. Esthetics are always a driving force to make a change but don’t let the technical aspects of electrical fall to the wayside. It could be a costly mistake.

Do you have an older home? We specialize in knob and tube and wiring upgrades! Insurance companies may not cover homes that still have old screw-in fuses and it can stop a home sale in its tracks. If you’re not quite sure what’s in your house, don’t worry, contact us and we will provide you with a free estimate and advice on what you can do to update the wiring in your home.

Here is a shortlist of products that will make your home safer, more energy-efficient, and WAY more attractive!

  • LED Lighting
  • Remote Control Dimmer Switches
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Audio GFCI Outlets
  • USB Charging Outlets
  • Updating Old Fuse Boxes
  • Whisper Quiet Bathroom Vent Fans
  • Whisper Quiet Fan & Light
  • Whisper Quiet Heat Fan &  Light
  • Generators
  • Car Charging Outlets

Underground Wiring for:

  • Boat Houses
  • Gazebos
  • Detached Garages
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • And Much More
Chandelier side view

COMMERCIAL Electric Service




Retail space with inconsistent lighting could leave a bad first impression. We can change your lighting so heads start to turn in a good way. Energy-efficient lighting can improve company morale by creating windows where they don’t exist.

As a new building is started, builders should keep in mind features that are in high demand. Home automation is a top priority. The right kind of wiring and technology infrastructure is essential to support the future of “smart building” needs. Here a list of some commercial services we provide.

  • Commercial, Industrial Wiring
  • Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse Lighting Retrofits
  • Residential/Multi-Family Buildings and Grounds
  • Parking Lot Lighting (New or Retrofit)
  • Phone Wiring
  • Underground Wiring
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • And So Much More…

SPECIALTY Electric ServicE


Trencher – Trench underground wiring for post lights, boathouses, detached sheds, and garages.

Tall Lights – We can work on most exterior buildings and pole lights up to 40 feet.

Knob and Tube – We will remove as much knob and tube wiring as possible and re-wire with new Romex wire.