Just a short list of some of our services.


For your first home to your dream home, look to Ever Ready!


Retail to Restaurants, Malls to Offices, Apartment Buildings to Fraternity Houses – We do it all!


Sick of changing those old fuses? Give us a call when you need more power.

Emergency 24 Hour Service

Any day! Any time! We’re EVER READY !!!


When you want your old house to look new, let us fix your shorts and light up your home!


Whether it’s for a boathouse or an outhouse, a garage or a shed – when you don’t want your wires in plain sight, trenching may be the answer.

Log Homes

We know your log home isn’t a Little House on the…..PLAIN, call us to let it be seen across the….PRAIRIE.


We work Alliant Energy Farm Re-Wire Program and provide other Farm services


– for your home or office… no more messy cables laying all over the floor.

Sound System

– in the wall, or in the ceiling, let us put sound throughout your home or office.

Central Vacuum Systems

No bags to empty, no cord to come unplugged…we’re a sucker for clean floors!

Generator Systems

Don’t be left in the dark – from automated backup to stand-by systems, you can put those candles away!

…and so much more